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Tips on Selling a Home

10 steps for selling your home.


You have now made the choice to sell your house, and it’s going to sell. You must become motivated to the moving and selling process by detaching yourself emotionally from your home.


The objective is to try and present the house in a manner that will appeal to potential buyers. Your want the home to appear spacious as much as possible, which will appeal to buyers. Remove the clutter and essentials, have a garage sale or put items in storage. Remember, you are selling your house and you’re going to move sooner or later anyways.


Clean your home from top to bottom; make sure you pay special attention to the following areas: Kitchen, bathroom, windows, carpets, walls and counter tops. If you have children, try to look at areas of your home from a Childs eye level and You might be shocked at what you will find. CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN ………….


If anything in your home is not in good working condition, get it fixed. Buyers are often discouraged from purchasing a house that requires too many repairs. Most repairs in a house can usually be fixed by the seller by visiting your local hardware store or hiring a local repair person.


Fresh paint will always appeal to buyers and will give the home a new look. Make sure you stick to natural colours and hire a painting contractor, if too much of a challenge for you.


You never want buyers to feel a house is dated. The house will have a positive impact on buyer, if you take the time, to update the home, by replacing your cupboard handles, faucets, light fixtures, pillow and bed covering etc. resulting in a positive experience for the buyer and the potential sale of the house.


When a buyer looks at house, he or she tend to imagine living in the home, if there are personal items or picture through the home, this tends to make the buyer uncomfortable. You want the buyer to be comfortable so, remove all personal pictures or sentimental items from the home resulting in the show home effect.

Light it up

Turn on all lights in a house, for all showings. A house that is bright, is warm and welcoming.

Curb appeal

The outside of the house should be in showing condition, grass cut, weeds picked, exterior of house in good standing condition. The outside of the house, is the first impression a buyer will have of the house.

Furniture and accessories

A professional Home Stager can help you with this process. Home stagers know how to make your home feel functional and spacious by adding or subtracting furniture. Remember, the more a house feels like a show home, the quicker it sells.