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Elboya is arguably one of Calgary's most sought after and prestigious inner city communities. Adjacent to the south border of the elbow river as it flows past Stanley Park, lower Elboya is composed of older or renovated 1950's bungalows starting in the high 800,000s for merely land value. Predominantly an rc1 zoned community, all redevelopment is for large estate style homes where price points starting at over 2 million dollars are the norm. Premiums exist for locations close to the river and Stanley park for there is little through traffic and its easy access to Calgary's bike and walking paths. A short jog or ride in either direction will bring you either downtown or to sandy beach and the Glenmore Reservoir/River park dog park.
Heading south, up the hill, would be upper Elboya which affords a few blocks of ridge lots with unobstructed city and park views. There are tremendous character lots with gorgeous industry leading designed homes. Trending further south the lots are flat and rectangular perfect for development and offer a wonderful neighbourhood feel without much through traffic. These lots are closer to the elementary and junior high schools which are among Calgary's best. This part of Elboya is also closest to the Britannia shopping complex and its amenities including a Starbucks, Sunterra and numerous boutique shops.

In the last few years there has been quite the trend of redevelopment with an influx of successful young professionals seeking estate type homes with close proximity to downtown but without having to sacrifice green space or living space. Elboya boasts a brand new playground for young kids, a ball diamond and an active community association ensuring it remains an award winning community in SW Calgary.  

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Windsor Park

As a community, Windsor park is a true hidden gem. Located directly north of Chinook Centre, Windsor Park is a small community in close proximity to the Calgary golf and country club and some of Calgary's most prestigious communities such as Bel-aire, Elboya and Britannia.

Similar to many of the inner city neighbourhoods that are in transition, this is an R2 community where infill redevelopment is common. The community association is an active one and there is noticeable pride of ownership throughout. A new community centre and playground has been completed within the last 5 years and there exists public tennis courts and a volunteer run ice rink for the kids and their families in the winter. The St Anthony's church is also located in Windsor park in close proximity to the Windsor Park Fire Station #11 is the 2nd oldest in Calgary. Opened in 1957.

The south portion of Windsor park also boasts a reasonable density of Low-rise apartment buildings and some duplex and 4-plex properties most suitable for investment grade opportunities.

Entry level condos might be secured in the 160,000 to 200,000 range with larger units being available for up to 300,000. Single family homes have sold for just over a million dollars with much of the new infill developments selling for the mid 700's. It is my personal belief that Windsor park is a tremendous inner city community with much upside. The standard new infill has a discount of +\- 10% in direct comparison to the value of the same home in Marda loop while still offering great amenities, schools and transportation infrastructure.

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Altadore is a residential neighborhood in the inner-city portion of the southwest quadrant of Calgary, Alberta. It is located between 14 Street and Crowchild Trail, south of the neighborhood of South Calgary. It is bordered by the Elbow River and the River Park to the southeast.

Altadore was named one of Calgary's best neighborhoods in 2010 for its proximity to River Park, one of Calgary's best parks on the Elbow River, and Marda Loop, the largest and busiest outdoor shopping area in Calgary, and for having a vibrant party and cultural scene.  The Marda Loop Business Revitalization Zone is located within the community, along 33 and 34 Avenues SW. The neighborhood is experiencing a gentrification process with many high-end, luxury semi-detached homes built in the last ten years, favored by trendy, young professionals and families.

Altadore was established in 1945. It is represented in the Calgary City Council by the Ward 11 councilor. The community has an area redevelopment plan in place.

The meaning of "Altadore" is unclear. It may have been named after a mansion in County Wicklow, Ireland, or it may have been a portmanteau word whose first part derived either from "Alta", the old abbreviation of Alberta, or "alta" for high (the neighborhood being on a hill), and whose second part was derived from "dore", a version of the French "d'or", or "of gold".

Altadore contains two schools operated by the Calgary Board of Education. Altadore Elementary, on 16th Street S.W., serves students from kindergarten to Grade Six and was opened in 1952, while Dr. Oakley School, on 20th Street S.W., serves students with learning disabilities from Grades Three to Nine. The designated public junior high school is Mount Royal Junior High in the Mount Royal neighborhood, and the designated public senior high school is Central Memorial High School.

There are no schools operated by the Calgary Catholic School District located in Altadore. Separate school students attend St. James Elementary and Junior High School and Bishop Carroll High School.

There are also a number of private schools in Altadore, including the Calgary Waldorf School and the Glenmore Christian Academy.

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Marda Loop

Marda Loop is a Business Revitalization Zone (BRZ) in Calgary, Alberta, centered on 33rd and 34th Avenues SW between Crowchild Trail and 19th Street SW, and along Garrison Gate SW. It bisects the neighborhoods of South Calgary and Altadore and is east of the community of Richmond.

The area has become one of Calgary's most popular outdoor shopping venues. Businesses consist of small-scale retailers, coffee shops, and pubs. The BRZ hosts an annual street festival, the Marda Gras Festival, in early August. The area is named after Marc and Mada Jenkins, who were the owners of the Marda Theatre (Odeon Theatre), the name being a combination of their two names. The theatre was opened in 1953 and closed in 1988, and was demolished in 1990.

Historically, the area has always been a hub of activity for that part of the city as it was once a turnaround point for the "Marda" streetcar line. In recent years, the community saw a serious decline due to the departure of the Canadian Forces base and the closure of the MQ (Married Quarters) area. However, in the last 7 - 10 years, there has been a large upswing in the business and residential community due to substantial redevelopment in the area and the community has regained some of its historical vibrancy.

Recently there has been a significant increase in housing density in the surrounding neighborhoods, as older homes are giving way to new higher density condominiums. Marda Loop is becoming a trendy area with an influx of higher income households and a business demographic. Evidence of the shift towards a younger and more dynamic population can be seen in new and emerging community events and facilities. The area hosts an annual film festival, a Yoga & Meditation Community Center, and an annual street festival aptly named "Marda Gras".

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Britannia is a residential neighborhood inn the southwest quadrant of Calgary and is abounded by the Elbow River and Elbow Drive.  

Although the area was annexed to the City of Calgary in 1910, no significant development occurred until the late 1950s and in recent years, the community has undergone a material redevelopment with homes being updated inside and out.  Additionally, the 50th Avenue Redevelopment plan will bring a greater depth and breadth of services to the community.

The British theme is evident in the name of the community as well as the street names, which include Coronation Drive, Edinburgh Boulevard and Elizabeth Road. Homes located in this community enjoy views of the City, the Elbow River Valley, and the Rocky Mountains. Britannia is within close proximity to River Park, Stanley Park and the pathway system.

Britannia is approximately 4 Kilometers south of Downtown, and Elbow Drive provides direct access to the central core.

Britannia is consistently recognized as one of the best and most desirable communities in Calgary.

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Bel Aire

Bel-Aire is an established residential neighborhood inn the southwest quadrant of Calgary. It is located east of the Glenmore Reservoir and the Elbow River and west of the community of Meadowlark Park and Chinook Center and north of the neighborhood of Mayfair.  The Calgary Country Club golf course makes up its northern boundary.

Bel-Aire was annexed to the City of Calgary in 1954 and was established as a neighborhood in 1960.

Views of the City, the Glenmore Reservoir, the Elbow River Valley, and the Rocky Mountains are enjoyed in Bel-Aire.

The many open spaces in the area, including Lincoln Park, Glenmore Reservoir, and the pathway provide Bel-Aire residents with many recreational opportunities.

The Downtown core is located approximately 6 kilometers north of Bel-Aire, along Elbow Drive.

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Meadowlark Park

Meadowlark Park is located in southwest Calgary near the intersection of Glenmore Trail and Elbow Drive.

It was annexed to the City of Calgary during the late 1950s and developed around the same time.

Approximately half of the community, the area west of 5th Street, has residential developments along curvilinear streets. The area east of 5th Street, however, has commercial developments – mainly Chinook Shopping Centre.

Both Elbow Drive and MacLeod Trail provide direct access to the Downtown, which is approximately 6 kilometers north of the community.