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In the 10 years of having my real estate license, I have had the opportunity to gain experience in both the commercial and residential industries.

Since 2010 my focus has been on helping people achieve their residential real estate goals as a Realtor and trusted negotiator. This includes the professional marketing and selling of homes as well as acting as a buyer's agent. My niche would be inner-city homes which has led to fostering numerous relationships with developers and working professionals with a unique insight to infill development and investment grade properties.

From 2006-2009 I worked predominately in the commercial industry with Avenue and a private equity firm as a Development Division & Acquisition Manager. This included sourcing and negotiating to successful conclusion development lands, commercial strip malls, subdivision lots to both large volume builders and small independents. It also included the oversight of a larger scale marketing plan for new community development.

I enjoy all facets of the Real Estate Industry and my experience allows me to bring a unique, creative and passionate skill set in order to determine the best strategy to maximize my clients position through any negotiation

I have a new baby boy!

- Sam Olschewski